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Skilled and Non-Skilled Home Health Consulting/Training

Approved CDPHE CEUs for Skilled and Non-Skilled Administrators

                              All Administrators, Managers, and Owners

                              Non-Medical and Medical Agencies

                1450 S. Havana St. Unit 216 Aurora, CO 80012


Essential Things for Caring for People who are Cognitively Impaired that Others Can’t Tell You

Taught like no other course

May 25, 2017     9:00-1:00

Session 4B:   4 hour CEU $150.00

  • Behavior Management for clients with Dementia
  • Training the Staff for the needs of frail, ill, physically/cognitively disabled consumer


If you have to cancel or do not attend, you will receive credit only for any training session equal session missed.

June 8, 2017 8:30-3:00  $235.00/person

8 CEUs- The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Home Health/Care

Session 2: 8 hour CEUs

  • Best Marketing Practice – How to get past the gatekeeper at SNFs, Places to Market to grow your Medical and Non- Medical Agency. Detailed steps in creating a marketing program.
  • Complaint Investigation and Resolutions- How to prevent complaints getting to the state and what to do
  • Occurrence Investigation and Reporting
  • Quality Management-How to develop a Quality Management program
  • Risk Assessment- What risks will affect your agency and how to prevent certain risks from happening.
  • Emergency Preparedness- Blizzards, Floods, Tornados- Do you have a policy or plan at hand to protect your staff, clients, and your agency?
  • Healthcare Management- What is Healthcare Management? You’ll have to come to find out!

Combination & Single Training Sessions

If you have to cancel or do not attend, you will receive credit only for any training session equal session missed.

June 25, 2017

Session 4A:  4 hour CEU $150.00

  • Clinical Training for Skilled and Non-Skilled Agencies-What does your staff need to know to be efficient with their work skills. Skills for Working With Consumers, Families, and Professional Service Providers- What Makes a Successful Agency
  • Staffing Methods- What you should know to staff your agency with the right people with the right clients.


June 29, 2017 9am-11:30 am

2.5 CEUs $99.00

New Medicare/Medicaid Emergency Preparedness Requirements

By November 2017  CMS is requiring that  17 categories of providers and suppliers.


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