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              August 24,2017- Important Facts for Hiring, Training, and Maintaining Quality Staff
4 CEUs- $150.00  9:00-1:00


Dear Home Health Administrators, Alternates, Owners,  and Home Care Managers,
The home care industry is growing and will continue to grow as the senior population gets older. This means you are in a rewarding business, that can grow exponentially. But you can’t grow if you don’t have the staff!
This upcoming training session can help you!

You Will Learn:
The latest On Boarding tips and facts to gain new staff to prevent a revolving door in your agency.
Understand how important orientation, in-services, and training is to keep and develop quality staff.
Understand if you are utilizing the staff that you have appropriately, rather than needing more staff.


Session A: 4 hour CEU $150.00

• Clinical Training for Skilled and Non-Skilled Agencies-What your staff needs to know to be efficient with their work skills. Skills for Working With Consumers, Families, and Professional Service Providers- What Makes a Successful Agency
• Staffing Methods- What you should know to staff your agency with the Right people with the Right clients.


Session 3: 8 hour CEUs-Major Trends You Need to Know that Can Affect Your Agency

8:30-3:00 September 14, 2017



How would you like to be confident about passing Survey?

Well, you can after you attend this training session. Don’t be like others who tell me they wish they had attended my training sessions or had me as a consultant before they were surveyed. One of my past attendees listened to everything I said and did everything I told them to do from class.  When survey time came the Surveyor kept digging for something to give them a deficiency on. Well, the surveys did find one minor error, 2 words missing from a sentence in their agency in-service program. Correction made before the Surveyor could leave.

During this session you will learn:

• Preparing for Survey
• Development and Implementation of Policies and Procedures- Learn how to develop policies/procedures necessary for your agency
• Leadership and Management-What Skills do you need to Make An Effective Leader
• Harassment in the Workplace- Know what you can and cannot do when hiring a person or in everyday operations of your agency.
• Community Resources- Are you referring your clients to the right people
• Documentation & Employee Files- What should you maintain in employee files and your client’s charts

Combined or Single Session

September 28,2017 9:00-1:00

$150.00  4 CEUs

New Medicaid/Medicare Emergency Preparedness Requirements by 11/16/17

and How to Create an Effective Home Safety Program

Do you know and understand what will be required of your Home Health Agency for Emergency Preparedness come this November?

Do you have your Emergency Preparedness Notebook Ready?

Don’t get caught off guard!!!

  • All Medicare/Medicaid Providers will have to have the New Emergency Preparedness Requirements by November 15, 2017. Surveyors are currently being trained to know what will be considered passing survey or failing regarding the Emergency Preparedness Requirements. Any Medicare/Medicaid Provider not in compliance with the New Regulations will be cited for non-compliance and must follow standard procedure for correcting the deficiencies. As part of the new requirements each state will be given guidelines on the requirements. Emergency Preparedness Manual Provided-do not purchase seperately

  • Doing a simple home safety evaluation will help ensure that your client’s environment is comfortable, and safe for them or if there is a need for PT/OT eval to ensure the client is able to “Age in Place”.


Learn more on what it takes to be an IHSS agency, so you can implement effective strategies for certification, and to grow your IHSS program. Visit: 






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