When Your Employees or Business Associates Make A Mistake, As  A Leader How Do You Respond?

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Making a mistake in any form or fashion is a part of life. We all make mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes because we are human. Even computers make mistakes and soon- to- be robots will make mistakes. The problem with mistakes comes when you as an employer respond to mistakes.

So the question is how do you respond to mistakes within your company- minor mistakes? Do you over react and belittle the person who made a simple mistake.

Do you exaggerate the situation? A company with a great leader has a distinct advantage of knowing how to handle this situation without blowing it out of proportion!

Leaders motivate, inspire, and form effective strategies to ensure staff or vendors understand their mistakes and learn from their mistakes. Agencies benefit from a great leader who has the wisdom, and knowledge to lead. Unfortunately, not everyone is perfect, nor able to lead. Some experts in the business world believe leaders are born, not made, and that their leadership qualities are in their DNA. These are people who seem to climb the ranks with minimal effort. Sometimes I have to agree with them. Do you know someone that was always leading? No matter if they were a kid, teenager, or adult they seem to always be the leader. They know how to handle situations without criticizing others so quickly.

A good leader knows how to look at the situation, and discuss the situation with the person who made the mistake without belittling, or embarrassing them. A great leader has People Skills and knows how to effectively communicate to his staff and business associates. Good communication is the vehicle to growing a successful agency, and good leadership.

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