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When Your Employees or Business Associates Make A Mistake, As  A Leader How Do You Respond?

Making a mistake in any form or fashion is a part of life. We all make mistakes, and will continue to make mistakes because we are human. Even computers make… Read more »

Caring for people with Cognitive Impairments

Researchers have estimated that 16-23% of families across the U.S. may be caring for an adult with some form of a cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairments include diseases and disorders that… Read more »

How Can A Home Health Agency Receive 34 Deficiencies?

I know an owner of a class A & B home health agency who receives 34 deficiencies each time he gets survived by the state. How is this possible you… Read more »

Can You Afford to Lose Thousands of Dollars Each Day?

As a healthcare provider, you already possess an amazing knowledge base about your industry. You learned how to start, grow, and maintain you practice, agency, group home, or hospice. So… Read more »

Hospice Agencies The Emergency Plan

The Hospice must have an emergency preparedness plan that is reviewed, and updated annually. Must have a Risk-Assessment form that includes all hazards method vulnerability. Include strategies that address the… Read more »