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Stop Struggling to be a Wonderful Leader and Take the First Step to Greatness!

Leadership is influence

Leadership is a Process, not a position.

Management keeps things the same.

Good leaders advance their team, employees and/or co-workers.

Some people who are bosses are not leaders. The don’t consider their staff as team members. They control their staff with rules, regulations, and policies. Their staff won’t give their boss extra effort or time. They have trouble working with people who are more educated than them. Employees follow bosses because they have to not because they want to.

Position Level Leaders:

Anyone can be in a position level leader.

What is a Position Level Leader? A position level leader is a no other option leader ( ex: Royalty, business owner children, or the owner of a business). This leadership level does not require the ability or effort to achieve a higher level.

Don’t settle for a position leadership level!

If you want to have a more positive, and lasting impact within your agency then this leadership program can help you quickly take the right actions to:

  • Learn how to Empower your staff
  • Manage conflict, disruptive behavior, and bullying in the workplace
  • Organize/Manage Daily Operations more effectively
  • Develop an Effective In-service Program
  • Implement strategies to build a Positive work environment

The home healthcare industry is the only industry where RN’s from any level of education/or training can be placed in a leadership position as an Executive Director or Director of Clinical Services. And this is the only healthcare industry where anyone can be thrust into a management situation without having advanced degrees for non-medical home health agencies.

If you are interested in rising from a “position leader” to a great leader, then click on the tab for the home health leadership program.

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