Leadership 101


Advance Leadership Training 101: For Home Healthcare Agency Owners

Curriculum will consist of:

You’ll be working on all these areas over the course of 5 weeks.

  1. Establishing Results-Oriented S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  2. Understanding and knowing the different levels of leadership
  3. How to let go of limiting beliefs blocking your success
  4. How to carve out your own niche for your agency and create the agency you’ve always wanted
  5. How to develop a Team to grow your agency

$300 for 5 Weeks

If this sounds exciting, intriguing and challenging, then come and sign up for Leadership 101A! You’ll receive weekly leadership assignments via email, access to a webinar session, and interactions with a group of like-minded people on a teleseminar.

Get the Motivation, Guidance, and Support You Need to develop into a Better, Wiser, and Smarter Leader.

Maybe you’re not feeling the support, and synergy in your relationships with your staff and want to know how to turn them around.

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in your business and dread waking up and going to the office each morning. You dream of having an agency that inspires, energizes, and fulfills you each day.

Maybe you’re struggling to grow your agency and make ends meet. You want to find a way to become a better leader or develop leaders so you can enjoy the business and lifestyle you want.

Wherever you happen to be in your business, and whatever challenges you’re facing right now, Leadership 101 has the step-by-step guidance, personal support, accountability, and resources to help you get to where you want to be in the easiest, quickest way possible. You don’t need to struggle on your own anymore!

What you’ll work on in Leadership 101:

Week 1- Strong start

  • Learn Key Competencies for being a leader ( Organize /Manage Daily Operations Effectively).
  • Establish Results-Oriented S.M.A.R.T. Goals for your ideal agency or position
  • Use leadership principles to achieve business agendas
  • Learn Communication Skills for effective leadership

Week 2- Change Your Thoughts How to let go of limiting beliefs blocking your success

  • Learn how to nurture yourself and Re-Vitalize Your Spirit
  • If you want your business to move forward, you need to get rid or “stinking thinking”, break through any self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, conquer your fears by befriending them.
  • Learn techniques to allow you to let go of those negative voices in your head. The negative thinking that hinders you from going forward in life or business. Clear out the old way of thinking and make room for the new and manifest better opportunities.
  • Learn to Empower Your Staff

Week 3 – Gaining momentum-

  • Develop Strategies to Build a Positive Work Environment
  • Learn to Energize Your Team and Develop Cooperating Staff (Managing conflict, disruptive behavior and bullying in the workplace).
  • Examine personality, generational, and cultural differences

Week 4- Making Your Agency work for you

  • How to carve out your own niche for your agency and create the life you’ve always wanted. It is hard to operate an agency if you are worried about how to pay the bills each month.
  • Learn techniques to attract your targeted market.
  • Learn how to compete successfully with the other agencies here in your area. Make the money you need to get out of debt, start saving, pay staff easily and hire more staff as needed.
  • Learn how to Brand your agency and market to achieve financial freedom just by learning how to market, who to market to, and where to find a better pool of clients. Make it all seem like effortless success.

Week 5- Build Powerful Relationships

  • Learn how to develop a Team to grow your agency-If you want great people to work with you and for you, you first have to be one.
  • Learn how to magnetize the right people in your life to help you pursue your dream of building a successful agency.
  • Learn how to be of value to everyone in your business circle.
  • Learn how to repel needy people and attract people who “Thrive.” Identify your personal and business needs; this is essential to creating a successful agency! Eliminate the energy from needy people who drain your life and add healthy relationships with vendors, employees, family, and associates.

Cost: $300.00