How Can A Home Health Agency Receive 34 Deficiencies?

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I know an owner of a class A & B home health agency who receives 34 deficiencies each time he gets survived by the state. How is this possible you ask? It happens because of poor leadership. He is an absent leader who relies on others to operate his agency. He had an Office Manager/Director of Clinical Services for 3 years who enjoyed not having anyone to answer to anyone. The office staff took advantage of the lack of leadership and it showed with the deficiencies. This is not the first time he has received such numerous deficiencies. Does he care about the deficiencies? only to the fact he calls me to get him out of trouble by correcting the deficiencies.

While this information can be horrible to read about, and dishearten but this type of leadership goes on all the time throughout the United States. Some citations are worse than my past client.

The lack of leadership and leadership skills is a quick way for an agency to fail. The lack of good leadership is an indication that you are in this industry for the money only, and not for your client’s needs. So how can you avoid being a poor leader, a poor owner, administrator, or manager? Answer: By investing in yourself, your agency, and your staff.

An agency with a great leader will have an immense advantage over its competitors. Great Leaders motivate, inspire, and form successful strategies to achieve company objectives. Businesses benefit from having a great leader who is present, have goals, and share the goals with their staff, and business associates. A good owner, administrator, or manager is not afraid to develop leaders within their business. A leader isn’t always the one running the business or who owns the business. A leader can be anyone who can set themselves apart from others in a positive manner to obtain the result needed to accomplish a goal.

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