Emergency Preparedness Plan

Emergency Preparedness Development & Planning Consulting

Every business needs a disaster plan, a strategy that will help you recover from man-made or natural emergencies.  Now CMS is requiring all businesses that accept Medicaid/Medicare have specific data in their Emergency Preparedness Plan. Your plan will need to be developed  by November 15, 2017, and practiced annually. Whether you are a new agency, or already have been in business for a while. In this day and age you will never know when a disaster may strike your agency as a whole or a client, or employee.

Does  the new Emergency Preparedness Plan have to be complicated? No. All you need to do is determine what disasters will affect your agency or clients, establish a plan, and practice different types of disasters on a yearly basis. Don’t let Emergency planning and strategy fall by the wayside; plan today and keep your business and staff safe for years to come. Using my Emergency Planning eBook or Online training program will help you set up and establish an Emergency Preparedness Plan to guide you through a disaster if one should occur.

The psychological loss of a business is very devastating.

25% of businesses that are involved in a disaster do not recover due to:

  • Loss of Income

  • Loss of Adequate Staff

  • Loss of Qualified Staff

  • Being under insured, therefore unable to rebuild

  • Costly price to rebuild

  • Owner doesn’t have the desire to go through the difficulties of starting over.

What types of disasters can affect your agency?

  • Fire

  • Blizzards

  • Floods

  • Man-made disasters

  • Work-place violence

  • Tornados

What types of disasters can affect your clients?

If you haven’t prepared for Emergencies that will affect your agency then maybe you may want to purchase the Emergency Preparedness Handbook on the front page on sale, consulting services (I will create your EPP with your assistance) $249.00.