Can You Afford to Lose Thousands of Dollars Each Day?

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As a healthcare provider, you already possess an amazing knowledge base about your industry. You learned how to start, grow, and maintain you practice, agency, group home, or hospice. So why would you want to let 1 disaster ruin everything for you in one quick second?

If a disaster were to strike at this very moment in your city, community, or state, would you still be able to conduct business? How would this disaster after your patients, clients, or residents?

Do you know how to recover quickly from a disaster? A disaster can affect many businesses directly and indirectly. Would you be able to keep your practice, agency, ALF, or group home operating during a local disaster?

What type of financial resources do you need in place to allow you to rebuild?

How will you pay your staff during and after a disaster/recovery phase if you are not making any money?

What will become of your clients, patients, or residents? Who will reach out to them and assist them? Is your staff capable of managing themselves during an Emergency?

25% of businesses affected by a disaster never recover. Ouch!!! That hurts! The lack of money, resources, and staff usually shuts the small business down forever. Corporations may or may not decide to reopen depending on the COST!

Researchers found out that 99% of business that have an Emergency Preparedness Plan, never practice, and review or update their plan.

Unfortunately, many healthcare related businesses ignore Preparing for Emergencies. They wait until a flood, fire, earthquake, electrical blackout to occur then take drastic actions to try to keep operating. Post disaster results show that a small business owner can lose $1000-3,000/day during a disaster and recovery phase. Can you afford to lose this much money? Insurance companies are only going to pay you a fraction of what your business is worth. FEMA will take months or even a whole year before they pay you. So, “What’s in Your Wallet, and Bank Account?”

If you would like to prepare yourself and protect your business, that is your livelihood, then visit Order the Emergency Preparedness Handbook, or the Notebook. The handbook is filled with information to allow you to prepare for most disasters in the US, and prepare you for survey.

If you receive Medicare or Medicaid payments, then you are Now Required to have a Plan in place that covers 4 Elements to pass survey and they are:

  • Risk Assessment and Emergency Planning
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Your Communication Plans
  • Evidence of Training and Testing- you will no longer be able to say we practiced a fire drill, and think that will be ok. The surveyors are now being trained on detailed information needed to pass this portion of survey.

 To your Success in 2017,