Director of Clinical Services Training

Director of Clinical Services Training!

Are you having problems finding a qualified Director of Clinical Services for your Agency?

Do you have a nurse who would make a great DoC but has no experience or training?

Let me help! Let me train your New Director of Clinical Service one-on-one training or take our online Course:

New: Emerging Director of Clinical Services Course

The Director of Clinical Services training program provides any RN an inclusive approach to leadership development for home health agencies.

This 5 week course is designed to equip up and coming Directors of Clinical Services with the management tools and skills necessary to adapt to the changes that are occurring in the industry, with emphasis placed on strategic planning and creative problem solving.

Gain skills for connecting, leading, collaborating and managing staff as you move into a new position of leadership. 

This online curriculum reinforces leadership & management skills taught in BSN nursing classes across the US.

Topics covered:

  • Managerial Skills
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • CMS Guidelines for Medicare or Medicaid
  • Ethics & Legal Issues
  • How to Deal with Difficult Employees & Clients

The program will help all Directors of Clinical Services:

  • Skillfully manage employee relationship challenges inherent in making the transition from peer to boss.
  • Connect management and leadership duties of day-to-day operations to a detailed more strategic plan.
  • Strengthen relationships with clients and or their caregivers
  • Manage financial accountability
  • The Director of Clinical Services Course is a 5- week learning experience featuring comprehensive, Power Point Presentations, Tele-seminars, weekly email tips, and worksheet that allow for deeper thinking and practical management and leadership skills strategies.

Contact me for details at (303) 307-1604