Get to know George

George D. Williams is a published author residing in Denver, CO.  He is passionate about the needs of the autistic community.  As the number of adults on the autism spectrum continues to grow at an alarming rate, those needs are also growing exponentially.  George is married and the father of an autistic teenage son.

George is an accomplished writer in the academic and business communities.  He has worked as a freelance writer for the past 5 years in a number of capacities.  The range of writing assignments George has completed varies from press releases to online content representing small businesses.  In Who Will Care For Them, George explores life for adults on the autism spectrum in the year 2040.  During that time, today’s autistic teens will be middle aged special needs adults living in a world of massive social and technological changes.  In addition, parents will be approaching 80 – with many of them experiencing health related problems of their own. This book is a must have for families as it addresses their concerns regarding the future plight of their children in a world without them.  

George is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, receiving both his bachelors and masters degrees.



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